This is the first stage of our 3 stage training route. This training route involves work with horses. This introductory course must be completed before progressing onto stage two.

This training is suitable for anyone with an interest in working with young people and horses, regardless of their prior experiences or qualifications.

This Course Covers:

  • An introduction into the theoretical knowledge, relating to brain development, and horses, that our work is based on.
  • Introductory activities, with horses, that can be used with young people.
  • Inside based introductory activities, linking into the equine activities, that can be used with young people.
  • Discussion on your specific needs, hopes, and desires for you future work with horses.

Telford Equestrian Centre,
Granville Road,
Telford TF27QG


TBC at your convenience

This course lasts approx 2 hrs. You will need to wear appropriate clothes and boots to work with horses.