Our group emotional intelligence and well being sessions are perfect for groups who would benefit from extra input relating to managing their feelings and working with others, and in transferring these skills into a class based situation.

These sessions are measured so that the impact of them can be evidenced.

‘Peaceful Me’ is a programme that teaches mindfulness and associated practices, to children and young people, within schools. Over 6 sessions, students will learn:

  • The different zones of the brain, and how to recognise which zones they are using when they are calm, and when they are having big feelings
  • How to actively use mindfulness techniques to manage and regulate their feelings and increase their sense of well being and ability to focus
  • To increase their self-awareness and become aware of qualities they would like to develop within themselves
  • To develop empathy for others and gain a greater understanding of their role in their community
  • To connect with their own creativity, motivations and inner guidance

Each session is an hour. Up to 12 children can participate in each session. Sessions usually take place within a classroom at the participating school. A member of staff from the school is required to be with the group at all times.

The cost of the 6 sessions is £495. Discounts are available for more than 1 group of children taking part on the same day.

The programme is suitable for all children aged between 5-16. It is tailored to meet the specific needs of each group.

In a time of tight budgets we know that impact needs to be measured. This programme has a specific set of objectives which are measured throughout, so that impact can be evidenced upon completion of the sessions.