We offer short course asdan awards. Upon successful completion of a programme of study, young people will receive a nationally accredited award from ASDAN. We offer a wide variety of short courses. The most popular ones are the Leadership award and the Animal Care award. These sessions are beneficial for all children and young people, but especially those who may need a little extra input to fully engage with their learning, or those who could do with being pushed a bit further, in a highly engaging environment.

Sessions include riding and non-riding equine, and creative class based activities. ASDAN sessions usually take place over a term or half a term. Sessions are be designed around your choice of asdan award and your students needs. Some examples of activities are shown below:

  • Learning to groom a horse using the correct brushes and knowing why each is used (Animal Care)
  • Learning about the anatomy of a horse (Animal Care)
  • Learning to tack up and get onto a horse safely (Animal Care)
  • Planning and leading equine sessions for younger children (Leadership)
  • Learning to give constructive feedback to others (Leadership)
  • Exploring methods of communicating with people and horses (Leadership)

Sessions fit into a school day. They usually take place at our site in Telford, although we are able to run sessions at your venue if needed. Appropriate levels of staffing are required to stay with the young people, at all times.

Each Session costs £175 plus £20 per young person.

The sessions are suitable for all young people aged between 8-16. They are tailored to meet the specific needs of each group.

We are happy to complete any progress reports that your school may require. Achieving the award is also a good measure of progress.